Nauka Hills Resort
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Nauka Hills Resort is surrounded by breathtaking natural green scenery. Located on the main Doiwala - Rishikesh highway, about 10 kms drive from Dehradun Railway Station and 24kms drive from Jolly Grant Airport, Nauka Hills Resort, the best resort in dehradun offers 13 well furnished Rooms and 5 Cottages with Wi-Fi, Multi-Cuisine Restaurant, Conference/Banquet Hall facilities. All Guest Rooms have modern amenities and are well air- conditioned & equipped with Complimentary Electric Cattle , LCD Television with multi- satellite channels, Wi-Fi internet connectivity, Laundry Service, 24 hours Room Service (Beverages and Snacks) and attached Bathroom with hot/cold water supply & Toiletries round the clock.
Rajaji National Park
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Rajaji National Park is a beautiful reserve to the east of Haridwar. It is famous as an elephant habitat and also harbours the mountain goat, goral. Part of the awe-inspiring Shivalik ranges in Uttarakhand, these forests at the foothills that comprise Rajaji are endowed with Sal trees and bamboo shoots.
Finally notified in 1984, Rajaji has been at the helm of trouble, beginning right from the issue of notification. The Gujjar tribals, prevented from migrating northwards, live in Rajaji throughout the year collecting forest produce, adding to the natural stress due to landslides and soil erosion. Threatened elephant corridors and ill-located army ammunition camps all add to the problems.
The future of Rajaji hangs by a slender noose-the very baan rope that is made from the bhabar grass harvested from the reserve? The jury would have to step intao Rajaji before they pronounce their verdict.
Tapkeshwar Temple
Also known as Tapkeshwar Mahadev Temple
The Tapkeshwar Temple in Dehradun is an ancient place of worship. The Tapkeshwar Temple is about 5.5 kilometers from the city center. The Tapkeshwar Temple is a cave temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. Located in the Garhi Cantonment area, this temple is an important tourist destination of the hill city. The Tapkeshwar Temple of Dehradun is linked to the city with well maintained roads and witnesses thousands of tourists visiting the temple to pay their obeisance to the deity.
The Dehradun Tapkeshwar Temple is a significant temple of the capital city and set on the bank of a seasonal river in a damp cave. This river enters the cave temple where the water drips from the ceiling on a Shiv Linga.
The Tapkeshwar Temple in Dehradun derives its name 'Tapakeswar' from the natural dripping of the water drops over the shrine from the rocks of the cave. Then the water vanishes underground only to reappear after a few yards in the form of stream. Cool sulphur springs around the temple make it an excellent bathing spot for pilgrims.
Clement Town
Borders on the Rajaji National Park
Clement Town is a town in the Dehradun district in the state of Uttarakhand, India. It borders on the Rajaji National Park. The town is witnessing growth of several multinational organisations in the region - one of them being SPANCO.
Inspired by the 14th Dalai Lama's TCV (Tibetan Children's Village), The Tibetan Children’s Home was established in Dhondupling Tibetan Colony, Clement Town, Dehra Dun, India on 18 March 1991. TCH was originally funded by the eleven-member Board of Directors, then was bought out by Mr. Sonam Singhe in 2004. This is a not-for profit boarding school, that aids Tibetan children to get the education they need. TCH provides food, shelter, tutoring and transportation for the children living under poverty.
Those that cannot afford to pay for these expenses are given grants and donations from charities such as Parimita Charitable Trust, the Tibetan Homes Foundation, the Tibetan Children’s Fund, the Chenrezig Fund, the Social Justice Fund of the First Unitarian Society of Madison, and Lake Side Church. In 1992, the 14th Dalai Lama visited TCH and gave it his blessing and support.
He praised the initiative for the work that has been done and presented TCH with a notable gift to help develop the facilities.
Malsi Deer Park
Also known as Tapkeshwar Mahadev Temple
Malsi Deer Park Overview. Malsi Deer Park, located at a distance of 10 km from Dehradun, is one of the major tourist attractions in the city. ... Apart from Deers, tourists visiting the park can also spot beautiful peacocks. In addition, this reservoir is home to Nilgai, which is also known as Antelope.
Located on the drive up from Dehradun to Mussoorie, just at the foothills of the Shivalik range, this is quite a popular pit-stop for tourists, especially ones with children.
The park is home to deer, neelgai, and a good variety of birds, making it a great spot to embark on an excursion. If you’re with the family, pack a basket of goodies and let the kids wander around and explore the mini-zoo which also encompasses a children's park.
George Everest's House
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Everest owned a house in Mussoorie, Uttarakhand, India, for about 11 years. ... Built in 1832, the house is known today as Sir George Everest's House and Laboratory, or Park House. The house is situated in Park Estate about 6 kilometres (4 mi) west of Gandhi Chowk / Library Bazaar, (the west end of Mall Road in Mussoorie).
After receiving a military education, Everest joined the East India Company and arrived in India at the age of 16. He was eventually made an assistant to William Lambton on the Great Trigonometric Survey, and replaced Lambton as superintendent of the survey in 1823. Everest was largely responsible for surveying the meridian arc from the southernmost point of India north to Nepal, a distance of about 2,400 kilometres (1,500 mi), a task which took from 1806 to 1841 to complete. He was made Surveyor General of India in 1830, retiring in 1843 and returning to England.
In 1865, the Royal Geographical Society renamed Peak XV – at the time only recently identified as the world's highest peak – in Everest's honour. Andrew Scott Waugh, his protégé and successor as surveyor general, had been responsible for putting his name forward in 1856.